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Shield yourself from liability while getting the best out of your employees with this contract.

Telecommuting Agreement
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Continue operations seamlessly and remotely by ensuring your top performers have the tools they need to succeed.

Stay protected

Allowing employees to work remotely has many proven benefits like cost savings, increased employee satisfaction, and higher retention rates.

If not done properly, however, many pitfalls can leave you vulnerable to liability and sabotage the working arrangement. Lack of both oversight and clear communications can leave the employee frustrated, confused, and dissatisfied.

With our premium Telecommuting Agreement Template, you can protect yourself by effectively communicate your expectations to employee. This agreement allows you both to fully understand what the day-to-day interactions will be. And because it was written by our lawyers with decades of practical business contracts experience, you can trust that it is thorough and keeps your best interest at the forefront.

As an added bonus, we’ve included notes, explanations, and prompts so that nothing is accidentally missed.

What You'll Get

You'll receive over $1,200 of value

Limit Your Liability

We’ve spent hours including key legal terms to help limit your liability for employee malfeasance.

Save Time

Save valuable time with the notes and prompts that help you ensure nothing gets left out.

Quickly Adapt

This agile agreement helps you act quickly and explain the scope of the employee’s new remote circumstances.

Leverage Your Resources

Leave nothing to chance.  This agreement helps the employee know exactly what is expected so that they can perform their best!

Stay protected and connected.

Stay connected

Give your employees the flexible tools they need to collaborate, stay focused, and keep your business profitable.

Stay creative

Your time is valuable.  Their time is valuable.  Use this contract so you can focus on what you’re good at – using your creative energy to grow your business.

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