Contract Templates

Unlimited and Unparalleled Access

We don’t just sell templates – we offer a system that allows users to intelligently use them!  Our contract templates are different because not only are they created and revised by real attorneys, we offer real-time support.   And because these documents were specifically created for small businesses and start-ups, you can feel secure knowing that your business’ needs were at the forefront during creation.

All templates are immediately accessible to members, and many of our templates have instructional videos plus other supplements including checklists and guides.  Best of all, members are free to ask our attorneys all sorts of questions so that you can fully understand and feel comfortable using the contract!  

Don’t see a template you need? No problem! Our attorneys are constantly expanding our library of contracts, but we understand that there may be a vital document that you need right away!  Members can always request a template that they need that we don’t have already listed on the site. If it’s a template we have in our unpublished collection, we can upload it to the site in as soon as 30 minutes!  

Plus, if it’s a frequently requested template and one we feel is worthy of expansion, we’ll create an instructional video and other supplemental documents to go along with it!  

We’ve got you covered!