We're looking for leaders!

New Millennia Legal Resources is now supporting small minority-owned businesses through our exclusive legal services grant!

New Millennia Legal Resources is committed to supporting small businesses by providing affordable legal solutions to underserved communities.


Small and minority businesses are the most vulnerable to legal problems due to their limited access to sources of funding.  With our Small Business Grant, we help bridge that gap by providing over $2,300 in premium trademarking services to recipients.


Even the most disadvantaged businesses will be able to protect its most valuable asset – its trademark.  Our services will help to:

  • Protect against competitors
  • Protect against infringers
  • Add value to the business’ brand
  • Strengthen a business’ rights


Grant awardees will receive the following:

  • Legal branding strategy session to help assess the business’ trademark strength
  • Comprehensive federal, state, and common law trademark clearance search
  • Detailed search report, explanation, consultation to discuss results and next steps
  • Specimen gathering and USPTO registration application submittal
New Millennia Legal Trademark Support

Do I qualify?

We encourage every business to apply that:

  1.   Is either a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation;
  2.   Is a leader for positive change in their community;
  3.   Is owned entirely by U.S. citizens over the age of 18;
  4.   Is majority owned by women, people of color, or government-certified disadvantaged individuals;
  5.   Was founded/created prior to March 1, 2020;
  6.   Has an average of annual revenue between $200,000 and $2,000,000;
  7.   Has fewer than 10 employees;
  8.   Performs its business operations entirely within the U.S.; and
  9.   Has a fully functional website.

Our selection process.

We are looking for established brands who are actively engaged their customer, peer, online, and brick-and-mortar communities!  What this means is that awardees will well-known in their circles as positive influences.  Sharing this and other grant opportunities will definitely be a plus!

Apply below!