Trademark Registration + Templates Bundle

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Protect your company's most valuable intellectual property with this all inclusive trademark and template bundle!

Don’t get blinded-sided! 

With a lot of folks, the name of the game is “if I can take it, then I deserve it.”

Trademarking is no different!

Scavengers are always snatching up other people’s trademarks when they feel the rightful owners are sleeping on their rights.

With this comprehensive bundle you can rest assured that your most valuable intellectual property asset will receive full protection.

Here's what's included ...

From start to finish our firm handles the tedious process of submitting your trademark application in addition to giving you tons of tools to give you peace of mind that you and your trademarks are fully protected.   

Here’s what’s included in our premium package worth well over $3,700!

      • Comprehensive federal, state, and common law clearance search ($1,000 value)
        • Federal trademark database
        • All 50 states databases 
        • Common search engines
        • Social media
        • Domain names
      • Detailed search report, explanation, and 30 minute consultation to discuss results and next steps ($1,000 value)
      • Specimen gathering + USPTO registration application submittal ($1,200 value)
      • USPTO registration application fee included ($250 value)
      • 1 Procedural Office Action response ($325 value)

What this service package does not include:

      • This service does not include substantive action responses requested from the USPTO.  Those services will be billed separately, if and when necessary. 
      • This service does not include an additional $630 fee for intent to use applications.  For intent to use applications, this additional fee will be billed once the second phase of the application is ready to be completed.

Basic option includes a search, report, application fee, and the application submission of one trademark in one USPTO class.  

Use this letter to demand others to stop the unlawful use of your trademark!  This template helps to: 

  • Preserve the your ownership rights in your trademark
  • Stop infringing use
  • Potentially avoid costly litigation
  • Set the stage for a favorable outcome if litigation is unavoidable

Collaborating with other businesses or individuals to sell your products or services?  Use this template to safely grant them a license to use your trademark, while preserving your rights. 

Use this template to quickly and easily demand that a website owner remove information that infringes on your copyright-protected work!  

Send this notice to alert an Internet Service Provider, “ISP” that material on its servers infringe on your copyrights, and demand that the infringing material be removed!  


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