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Business owners who find out the hard way...

When it comes to sharing confidential or trade secret information, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is critical to help protect your interests.  If you’re wondering how well your current NDA protects your business, here’s what you DON’T want to do: find out when a problem arises (a.k.a. the “hard way”).

When we think of the cost of attorneys, it’s definitely a sticker shock to our start-up budgets.  

But what’s much scarier is being forced into a legal battle with that same start-up budget because someone slips up and shares your secrets on social media or uses your proprietary process for their own endeavors.  

The average lawsuit costs TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars, but enforcing a good contract can cost a minuscule fraction of that IF it's written juuust right ... like ours.

Save your business from generic contracts!

You might be wondering, “how different can a contract really be? What makes your contracts so special?”


These are great questions!


Our contracts were crafted by licensed attorneys, not clunky software.


Plus, unlike those other low-budget sites, our team of lawyers and paralegals review and update all of our templates throughout the year!  

Once you purchase a template, we'll send you updates so you can rest easy knowing you have access to the latest attorney-reviewed document!

This NDA is for you if...

You want to keep your company's secrets from falling into the hands of your competitors

You collaborate with other businesses

You have employees or gig workers that you need to share information with

You don't want everyone to know your sensitive information

You want to keep others accountable!

Our Documents vs. Low-Cost Downloads

Our templates are superior because they are...

Made from Scratch

Created for ALL Business Owners

Drafted by an Entrepreneur/Attorney

Always kept up to date!

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Other lawyers love us too!

New Millennia Legal Resources’ templates are not your typical boiler plate legal template that you download from the internet. As an attorney, because of the level of detail, it was very evident that a substantial amount of time was spent drafting the documents. New Millennia Legal has crossed every “T” and dotted every “I”.... I encourage folks to people to save themselves some money and time and make the investment. If not, the cost of not making the investment may be substantially more expensive.
Attorney Kemlia S.
Raven Willis, Contracts and Trademarks Attorney

Introducing Raven Willis

Raven is the founder and lead attorney of New Millennia Legal Resources.  She has spent the last 20+ years writing, negotiating, and enforcing over over $2 billion in complex business contracts. 

As an entrepreneur first and a lawyer second, she understands first-hand the struggle of creating and growing a business because she has created and grown multiple successful non-law-related businesses from the ground up.  

Her journey “in the trenches” of entrepreneurship has enabled her to see things that other lawyers completely miss.  This has fueled her passion to protect small businesses – especially minority and women-owned businesses – by providing substantive, inexpensive, and easily accessible legal support. 

She believes that legal support should be as innovative, proactive, and modern as the businesses her law firm supports!


Most frequently asked questions and answers!

Great question! It may seem like ‘well it’s a template isn’t it?’ but the big difference in our contracts is attorneys have carefully crafted each template.  We use our extensive knowledge of contract and business law to curate terms to specifically help businesses save money and protect against their most common legal threats. 

 Just click any link on this page. You’ll be taken to the product page where you can purchase the NDA.

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No! We do have a monthly program for a low monthly investment that would allow you access to our full library of documents as-needed at any time! You can visit to sign up to our membership!

Absolutely! For more information and help with your business contracts, feel free to schedule a consultation at!

* Free updates are available to non-attorney, non-competitive end-users who purchase the templates.  Updates will be pushed out via email to the email address on file at least once per year for as long as 1) we continue to sell that exact template, 2) the purchaser is in good standing with our company, and 3) the purchaser abides by our Terms and Conditions, which are subject to frequently change at our sole discretion.  Updates are not available to users who either receive the templates for free or have exchanged no money for them or their use.

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