Revenue Share Independent Contractor Agreement (Pro Company)

This Revenue Share Independent Contractor Agreement is ‌a contract template that businesses and service providers can use to define and govern their business arrangement, while allowing for flexible payment arrangements. Drafted by business lawyers who specialize in complex agreements, this contract helps ensure that the Company is protected as they work with the service provider or Independent Contractor.

This template is easily customizable and contains default terms that:

  • Give the Company payment flexibility while hiring top talent
  • Give the Independent Contractor financial incentives to increase Company’s bottom line by allowing it to directly reap financial rewards
  • Retain the copyrights for all work-product
  • Shield the Company from the Contractor’s costly mistakes
  • Prevent malicious public statements and reviews
  • Prevent the loss of clients, customers, and human capital resources
  • Are easily enforceable

This template was last updated:  November 2021

Be sure to complete all applicable sections, remove all commentary, and consult a local attorney before executing!

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December 15, 2021

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